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Mission: Democratize Education, Level The Playing Field, and Collectively Boost Student Success.

Vision: Build a platform that allows students to connect, share, and grow together!

The Concept: Collectively Boosting Success!

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The story behind StudyBoost - a message from the founder:

I struggled in college courses. With everything going on in the college atmosphere, my attention ebbed and flowed like a see-saw. Even on my best days, absorbing 70% of what the professor said was at the very top of my attentional limit.

Tests felt like a cruel puzzle for me. A puzzle where the pieces were scattered all over the house. Asking classmates for their notes and help, buying expensive subscriptions for low-quality study documents, I spent my weeks stressed out trying to find the missing pieces to the puzzle of the exam.

In my junior year at Florida State University (FSU), I took five grueling courses and a CLEP exam to meet the requirements to be accepted into the FSU College of Business.

I’ll never forget the late nights, spiraling anxiety, weight loss, and even depression that I went through trying to pass all those courses with high marks.

Although I felt accomplished, to this day I feel that the struggle and toll on my health could have been avoided and shouldn’t be the reality for college students in America. 

So, that’s where the idea for StudyBoost came from. I want to give college students worldwide a platform to get through their classes with reduced stress, loneliness, and anxiety. I believe that a community makes us stronger. We can put the puzzle pieces as a community while boosting our confidence, health, and grades!

-StudyBoost founder,
Zach Banks-Calderín


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